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Thinking at 4 AM

I woke up at 4 AM for no reason.  The wine and beer I’d had a few hours earlier had me feeling groggy, but I recalled the steamy e-mail exchange we’d had earlier.  I went to my computer to see if you’d responded.  I squinted a little at the bright screen in the dark room.  There was a message from you.  I read it.

Thank you for sharing, although I’m not sure I’m going to thank you for turning me on.  😉  I want to write more to you, but I’m getting tired and actually have to do some more work before heading to bed…and have a private moment with my favorite vibrator.

I sat, reading your e-mail and my hand wandered to my cock and I touched it through my pajama pants.  I noticed that your e-mail had left me hard.  Very hard.  I opened the fly and touched myself.  I already had a bead of precum at the tip.

I locked the computer, got up out of my chair and went to the bathroom to retrieve a towel.  I put the towel on the comforter, and reached under the bed to get the box containing my sex supplies.  I opened it, and pulled out a tube of Astroglide.  Grabbing the towel, I folded a pillow in half and put the towel on it.  I pulled off the pajama pants and squirted some of the lube into my hand.

I wrapped my fingers around my cock and noticed how hard it was.  It normally didn’t get this hard when I was masturbating in the middle of the night.  I laid face down with the pillow supporting my hand.  This is often how I masturbate when I actually thinking of fucking someone specific.

I started thrusting into my fist while imagining you with your vibrator on your clit, your fair skin flushing, your head turned to one side with your mouth open and your eyes closed, one breast clenched in your hand.  I was still marveling at the hardness in my hand.  Those two sentences that you’d written had done this to me.

I quickly felt myself nearing orgasm.  I imagined you cumming with your vibrator, your face wracked with orgasm, biting your lip, your brow furrowed.  This almost immediately morphed into me on top of you fucking your pussy, watching you cum with me inside of you.

I started to cum and thrust hard into my hand. I felt the first shot of semen hit my shirt, missing the towel completely, and I imagined that, we’re I inside of you it would been sent deep, deep into your vagina.  Another hard thrust, another shot of cum found its way onto the towel on the bed, but I wished it was inside of you.  After two more thrusts, I was done.  I rolled over onto my back and fell asleep with a smile on my face.