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I roll you onto the bed as you kick off your shoes. I am kneeling between your legs and lift up your dress exposing your naked pussy. I quickly unfasten my pants and my belt, then pull down my pants enough to expose my hard cock.

I inch forward and lean over you, kissing you. With my right hand, I run the head of my cock up and down your pussy, pausing to massage your clit. You’re already very wet, and your juices mix with my precum to make you very slippery.

You let out a slight gasp as I push my glans past the inner lips of your vagina and the shaft of my cock into you as deeply as it will go. I fuck you, and lean back to watch my cock moving in and out of you, glistening with the moisture of your vagina, my pubic hair brushing against your bald mound.

I kiss you, and your hips respond in rhythm with my thrusting. You whisper in my ear, “I’m getting close,” and I focus on not cumming yet. I want to feel your orgasm on my cock, I want to feel you thrust your hips at me while your vagina clamps down on me.

I continue to deliberately fuck your tight, wet pussy, listening to your breath get more rapid and irregular. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming!” you exclaim and I feel your body tense under me.

I push my cock as deeply into you as I can, feeling you now fucking me. I let go, and feel the first contraction of my own orgasm. Deep inside of you, my semen is shot from the glans of my penis, hitting your cervix, which is itself being thrust downward into the puddle that is forming in the bottom of your vagina, coating it with my cum.

I thrust again, and feel another contraction, this time I groan as it feels like I’m being ripped in two. More semen inside of you, and your cervix is covered with my cum. With each thrust, more cum in your pussy, until finally, our orgasms subside.

I pull my cock out of you and look at what we’ve done. My cock, still stiff, is wet and pulsing and a little bit of my cum is running out of your pussy. I want to stop and lick you clean, but we’re late. That will have to wait for later, after dinner with your parents, where I’ll take particular satisfaction knowing that their little girl is full of my cum.