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For C.

You open the door and invite me into your apartment.  I can tell that you’re nervous, and I am, too.  This is the first time we’ve met after talking online for months.

“Want a drink?” you ask.

“God yes,” I respond with a nervous laugh.

You turn to the kitchen to pour both of us glasses of red wine.  Large glasses, I hope.  I follow.  I look at your figure, in your tights, and feel a tingling in my cock.  “My God,” I think to myself, “her ass is amazing.”

You hand me the wine.  I take a big drink.  So do you.

We talk about my flight, which was delayed, meaning that it’s now midnight on Saturday morning.  Our plans to go out now irrelevant.  The wine goes quickly and I feel more relaxed.  You’re laughing at me like you do when we’re online, so I assume you are, too.  To touch me on the shoulder.  We both get quiet for a moment.

I move towards you and kiss you.  You kiss me back.  I kiss you harder and wrap my arms around you, pushing you up against the wall.  Our tongues twirl together, darting in and out of each other’s mouths.  I feel your breasts against my chest through your tee shirt.  My cock, now hard, is pressed against your thigh.

With my right hand, I grab your long, dark hair and pull your head to the side.  I begin kissing your neck, then biting it, and then biting and tugging gently your earlobe.  I feel your hands on my back as I move to the small of your neck.

I step back and pull of your shirt, leaving you standing there in your bra.  I kiss you, full and hard again, as my pace quickens.  I’m very turned on, and I want you now.  The anticipation has been too much.  I unfasten your bra and slip it off of you while I’m kissing you, dropping it on the kitchen floor.  I cup your breasts, and start kissing your nipples with urgency.  You moan, and pull my polo shirt off over my head.

I kiss your mouth again hard, with my hand on the back of your head.  The feel of your naked skin against mine is electric.  I feel your nipples pressing into my chest, and subconsciously begin to grind my cock into you.  You respond in kind, rubbing your pussy against my thigh.

You’re still up against the wall, my arms are around you, and we’re kissing furiously.  I slide my hand down the curve of your hips and beneath the waistband of your tights.  I move quickly to your hairless pussy, and slide my finger between your lips.  You’re wet.  Very wet.

Your hands move to my belt buckle while I explore you, find you clit and being to rub it in circles with a little pressure.  You lay on my shoulder for a second and gasp, then I feel you start to unbutton and unzip my pants.

You reach inside of my boxers and grab my cock, which is so hard it almost hurts me.  I groan as you rub the pre-cum into the head.  I hook my thumbs into the waistband of your tights and pull them off of you as you struggle to step out of them.  I push you across the kitchen and agaist the counter as you pull the waistband of my boxers down to release my cock.

I pick you up and set you on the edge of the counter.  You open your thighs and put your hands around my hips to pull me into you.  You grab my cock, and line the head up with the entrance to your vagina.  I instinctively thrust, and you guide me into you.

We kiss, deep and hard as I begin to fuck your pussy.  With each thrust, your lips are pulled back and my pubic mound pushes against yours, stimulating your hard clit, which aches as much as my cock inside of you.

I fuck you hard, burying myself inside of you with each thrust.  You put your head on my shoulder and dig your fingernails into my back.  My pace quickens.  It feels to me like your pussy is trying to milk the cum out of my cock.  I feel the pressure of my urethra widening to accommodate the semen which I’m about to shoot into you.  I know I’m close, and hope you are, too.  I know I’m almost at the point of ejaculatory inevitability.

My testicles start to pull up towards my body, and there’s no way I can stop myself from cumming inside of you now.  I groan as the first contraction of my orgasm hits.  I dig my fingers into your hips, and thrust as hard as I can, trying to get my semen as deeply in your pussy as I can.  You nails dig in my back harder and you moan, knowing that I’m filling you with my cum.  Again and again, I hammer you, driving the head of my cock as close to your cervix as possible and releasing a stream of cum inside of your hot, wet, and now sticky vagina.

With the last contraction, I shudder and stop to catch my breath.  We kiss again, and I put a finger to your mouth.  You suck it.  I start to kiss your breasts, and your stomach, then I quickly move to your pussy, which is hot and sticky with our combined juices.  I lick your clit, sliding a finger into you, and pulling it out.  It’s glistening with my cum.

I lick up around your labia, first the outer, then the inner, cleaning my cum from the outside of your pussy with my tongue.  Then I move back to your clit as you lie back on the edge of the counter and put your legs on my back as I fuck you with my fingers and focus my tongue on your clit.  In doing this, I’m becoming aroused again.  I can feel my cock start to harden in my boxers.

My tongue and mouth are working your clit.  Darting around it, massaging it, and sucking it, I’m focused on making you cum, no matter how long it takes.  I study your vagina, and explore, gauging your reaction, my fingers in your pussy, covered with my cum and your lubrication, looking for the perfect combination.

It doesn’t take long.  Within minutes, your back arches and you moan, putting weight on my back with your feet, “I’m cumming,” you whimper.  I keep a steady pace with my tongue and fingers until you relax and sit back on the counter, breathing rapidly and covered with a thin sheen of sweat.

“I’m not done with you yet,” I say.  I stand up and kiss you before picking you up off of the counter.  I take you to the floor with me, and take off my pants and boxers, exposing my reinvigorated cock.  I crawl towards you and we kiss.  I mount you, and you again guide my cock into your pussy.  It’s sopping wet with your juices, my cum, and my saliva.

I lean back and pull you towards me, so I’m almost kneeling with my cock inside of you, fucking you.  I look down and stare at my cock sliding in and out of your pussy, and see your clit, the hood sliding ever so slightly over it with each thrust.

I put my fingers on your clit and start rubbing it in time with my thrusts, watching your face, seeing you in ecstasy, your neck stretched out, your breathing irregular, turns me on even more.  But, I’m set on feeling you cum on my cock.

After a few minutes, I hear the words I’m waiting for.  “I’m cumming, “ you whimper again.  I lean forward and put my weight on you, my pubic bone now taking the place of my fingers, pushing you over the brink.  I feel you contract on my cock, which sets off my orgasm.  I groan and you moan as we both cum.  Pumping every drop of cum into you I possibly can.

My second load of semen adds even more to the hot, sticky mess that is on and inside of you.  As we lie there, silent, eyes closed, my cock still inside of you, I feel it leaking out of you.  It covers your thighs and my scrotum.  And I smile to myself, knowing that we’ll only add to the mess later that night and the rest of the weekend.