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Against The Wall

I heard a knock at the door which distracted me from the TV.  My heart raced.  Was it you?  I’d been waiting almost two years to see you.  I jumped out of the still fully-made bed and walked to the door, trying not to run.  I didn’t want to seem too excited if it  was you.  Looking through the peephole, I saw your blond hair and fliped the secuirty lock.

The last time, the first time, we’d met was awkward.  A clumsy fuck in my bed after too much wine.  My tongue sloppily trying bring you to orgasm, barely knowing what turned you on, until you, out of frustration, did one of the sexiest things I’ve ever experienced.  You brought your legs up, hooked your toes around the waistband of my boxers, and slid them off.

“I’m too drunk to cum, but I want you to fuck me,” you said.

You wrapped your legs around me and pulled me between your legs.  My cock slid easily into your pussy, wet with your juices and my saliva.  I started to slowly fuck you, feeling your small, hard nipples against my chest, smelling your shampoo as I buried my head in your hair to bite your neck.

Your bare pussy felt amazing against me.  I pictured my cock, sliding in and out of you, my pubes rubbing against your hairless mound with each stroke.  I felt your breasts with my hands, they were small, but perfectly shaped.  (Even today, when I’m shopping and I see a B cup bra, I think of your breasts, firm in my hands.)  I trailed down your body to your ass, a runner’s ass, shapely and taught.

Then, you began to fuck me fast and hard, raising your hips off of the bed to pull my cock into you, the angle such that my cock couldn’t have gone any deeper.

“Stop,” I said, “you’re going to make me cum.”

“I know.  That’s what I want.  Your cum inside of me.  It’s been a long time since I let someone cum inside of me.”

With your hips coaxing the semen out of me, I knew I couldn’t last.  I thrust into you with all of my weight, fucking you as hard as I could, with abandon, intent on enjoying the moment.  I pushed as hard as I could as I felt the first contraction of my orgasm squirt thick semen through my urethra and into the warm recesses of your pussy.  I pulled back, and thrust again, instinctively cumming when my cock was at its deepest point inside of you.

I finished, spent, and we laid there silently for a moment before I rolled off of you.  You stood up beside the bed and started to slip back into your boy short-style panties that I’d left by the bed.

“Oh, I can feel it in me.  It burns a little bit,” you said with an excited giggle.

You left, returning home out-of-stage, and I hadn’t seen you since that night.  We’d chatted about it online.  And I’d fantasied about it often.  Now, we had the opportunity to do it again, here, in a hotel room.

I’d told you about the fantasy, and I fully intended to take full advantage of the opportunity to make it real.  I opened the door, and grabbed you, scarcely giving you a chance to grab your rolling suitcase.  I slammed the door behind you and locked it, at the same time pushing you up against the wall without saying a word.

I kissed you, our tongues intertwined, my hands on your hips.  I moved down and bit your neck and I started to squeeze your left breast with my right hand.  It felt, beneath your light white cotton dress, exactly how I’d remembered it.  You let out a sigh and wrapped your arms around me as I felt your head tilt to allow me to bite and kiss you more.  I could hear your breathing quicken as I pressed my body into yours, my cock quickly hardening against you.

You wrapped your right leg around my hip, and then your left, you held in place mostly by the pressure of my body holding you against the wall.  I wrapped my arms around you, picking you up and carrying you to the bathroom, putting your ass on the edge of the sink.  I pulled up your dress, and rubbed my jeans-covered cock against your sheer, silk panties, stopping to get a glimpse of the wet spot forming in them.  We dry fucked, alternately biting and kissing each other, your athletic legs still locked around me.

I looked in the mirror behind you and grabbed a handful of your long hair.  I pulled it.  And, at the same time bit your neck again.  Harder this time.  You let out a whimper and said, almost whispering, “yes, yes.”  I knew it would leave a mark, but I knew that you were too caught up in the moment to care.

I found the zipper down the left seam of the dress and pulled it down while kissing farther and farther down your neck and onto your cest.  I could feel the precum on the head of my cock getting my boxers wet.  I was, we were both, now in a hurry.  I reached over and turned the water on in the shower, as you kicked your shoes off of your feet and across the bathroom, one hitting the door with a thud.

I pulled you off of the sink and pulled the dress off of you as you were unfastening my belt and jeans.  Your hand slipped past the waistband of my boxers and you grabbed my cock.  I’d waited years for that alone.  I took off your bra and put my lips on the tiny, hard nipple of your right breast.  You squealed as I bit it gently.

Your fingers worked on the buttons of my shirt as I pulled your panties off, revealing your gorgeous shaved pussy.  I rushed to help you unbutton my shirt as you pulled off my jeans, boxers and socks.  I threw off my shirt as you pulled my tee shirt over my head.  Now that we were naked, I put your ass back onto the sink, my bare cock now positioned on your bare pussy.

You wrapped your legs back around me as you had minutes earlier and I lifted you, carrying you into the shower, the hot water soaking your hair.  I put your back against the back wall of the stall, and with the stream pelting both of us, slid my cock into your pussy.  It offered no resistance.  I could simply feel the wetness and the firm grip of your vagina down my entire length.

In the two years we had teased each other, I’d learned that penetration, as much as external stimlation brought you to orgasm.  And, I knew that in my state, I couldn’t last too long.  So, I focused on fucking your pussy as hard and as fast as I could while holding you against the wall.  You were breathing hard, and almost growling.  I felt your fingernails dig into my back as I pumped into you. I could tell that I was near my own orgasm when you said, once again almost in a whisper, “I’m going to cum.”

That set me off.  I drove my cock into you as hard as I could as you let out a soft scream.  I groaned as I felt my ureathra balloon and cum start to spill out of me, into you.  You dug your nails deeper into my back as another orgasmic contraction hit me and I buried myself into you, pulling your hips down onto me as hard as I possibly could.

We stood there, me still inside of you, you playing with my hair, the water beating down on us, for what seemed like forever.

You smiled and said with a familiar giggle, “it still burns a little bit when you cum in me.”