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I went to bed early, but I couldn’t sleep. So, around midnight, I decided to take a sleeping pill. I knew I’d feel groggy in the morning, but I couldn’t stand to go through another day exhausted from lack of sleep. By 1 AM, I was dozing, so I hit the power button on the remote and put the pillow over my head. I faded off to sleep, and I slipped into a dream.

We were lying in my bed, your left leg over my right, naked. Your blond hair contrast against the dark blue sheets. My hand was on your freshly shaved pussy, rubbing your clit in fast, tiny circles. I stopped for a second and put my fingers into you and you groaned. You were impossibly wet. I put my now lubricated fingers back onto your clit, this time being more focused directly on the hard nub inside of the folds of your vagina.

Your thin fingers were wrapped around my cock, stroking it rapidly, I, like you, was thrusting my hips, instinctively, with the motion, trying to bring on an orgasm when you said, tensely, but almost in a whisper, “I’m going cum.”

You spasmed with a loud sigh, and this sent me over the edge. I came in long spurts, my cum landing on your stomach, and your thighs, and all up and down the length of your bald pussy. White, sticky cum was all over you.

I became confused and scared. Since this was a dream, and there was no beginning to the encounter, I could only assume that we were masturbating each other so I wouldn’t cum in you. But, instead of being upset, you started to rub my semen into your pussy and began masturbating yourself, using it to lubricate your clit while you fingered yourself. This sight made me hard again, and you said, “fuck me. Now. Just fuck me.”

I mounted you and pushed myself into your pussy. You were hot, and sticky and wet from your own juices and the cum from my first orgasm. I fucked you, and you fucked me back. I grabbed your legs and put them on my shoulders so I could get my cock into you as deeply as possible. With each stroke, I drove myself into you as hard as I could. With one hand you grabbed aimlessly at the sheets, and with the other you continued to rub your clit until again, your breathing became ragged and irregular.

This time you gave me no warning. It felt like you were trying to swallow me whole as your orgasm hit. I started to cum, imagining my semen filling your pussy. It may have been the strongest orgasm I’d ever had.

I opened my eyes and the room was dark. I was breathing heavy, and the sheets were soaked with sweat. I felt paralyzed and could do nothing but lay there, feeling the cold of the fan blowing on my skin, listening to my own breathing, until I passed out, exhausted.