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Marie and Jen

I love tequila.  It is my passion and my muse.  I shall forever be in its debt.

Marie wrapped her lips around the shot glass trapped in Jenn’s cleavage by her bra, tilted her head back and swallowed.  She puled the glass out of her mouth and shook her head violently, causing her tightly curled, shoulder-length brunette hair to flip from side to side.

“Ewww!  Oh my God.”

It was Marie’s fifth shot in the last hour on top of what she’d had at the party.  She was feeling it.

“My turn,” said Jenn as she put her shot glass between Marie’s boobs.  They were much larger than Jenn’s B cups and the shot glass held without using the bra.  I’d been dating Marie for two years. I knew that she had Ds that could sometimes swell to DDs.  They looked nothing alike at all.  Jenn was about the same height, but thinner, whereas Marie was curvaceous.  But, they were both 19 year-old college girls and both imminently desirable.

I was 21.  I brought the tequila.  That was my contribution.

Jenn was a little drunker than Marie and steadied herself for her shot.  By grabbing Marie’s boobs.  She took the shot the same way Marie had and drank it, wincing in a similar manner.  But, when she was done, she put a lemon wedge in Marie’s mouth and bit it.

Marie was shocked at first, then got a look of curiosity on her face.  Jenn put her arms around her, and the lemon fell to the floor as she started to kiss her.  Marie looked at me.  I just shrugged and gave her a “go with it” look.  So she did.  Marie closed her eyes and kissed her back.  They kissed for about 15 seconds before Jenn stopped and they both started giggling.  Then, they flopped back onto the floor where I was sitting cross-legged.

I’d driven from the party, so I was only on my third or fourth drink.  But, drunk or sober, I could feel the sexual tension in the air.  Marie and Jenn had lived in the same dorm the previous year, and were fast friends.  However, the friendship had been strictly platonic.  I wondered if, no hoped, that was going to change tonight.

The door opened, and my roommates Bill and Jose entered.  They’d been at the gym and were still wearing shorts and tee shirts.  They went to the kitchen, opened beers and walked out on to our deck.  Their arrival cut the tension somewhat.  I don’t think any of us were ready to let the world know that Marie and Jenn might just be a little bi-curious.

After talking for a few minutes of talking, doing another shot, and basically all three of us flirting with each other, Marie grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet.

She said, “ooookay, Jenn.  We’re going to bed.  There’s a pillow and a blanket on the couch, right?”

Jenn half-drunkenly flopped down on the couch and curled up, nodding.

“Nighty nite!” she giggled.

Marie led me up the stairs.  When we got to my bedroom, I picked her up and carried her to my bed.  My cock had been hard since watching Jenn kiss her and I was pretty sure that it was only the fact that they were drunk that kept them from noticing it through my jeans.  I threw her onto my bed and pulled the hoodie and the top that she was wearing off of her.  I reached around behind her, and unsnapped the plain, white bra she was wearing, letting it fall off of her.

We were kissing, and she was rubbing my cock through my pants.  I pulled up her skirt and started to pull off her panties .  I could only think about being inside of her.  I started kissing her neck, and then started gently biting, working my way down to her right breast.

“You know,” she said.

I had her panties around her thighs, not really paying attention to what she was saying.

“I should go down stairs and ask Jenn to come up here.”

I stopped what I was doing.

“What,” I asked.

“You wanna have a threesome with Jenn?”

Yes, I did.  I’d fantasized about it.  This was years before the ubiquitous college threesome was in vogue.  I couldn’t believe this was happening.  I didn’t hesitate.

“Uh…yeah.  Are you serious?  Go get her.”

“She thinks you’re cute.  And after what just happened, I think she likes me, too.  Annnd…”

“What?” I asked.

“When she kissed me, I got real wet.  I didn’t expect it, but I did.”

Marie pulled her panties off and slipped the hoodie over her head.

“Be right back,” she said and kissed me.

She paused as she opened the door, “just one rule.  I don’t know if I’ll let you fuck her.  So, don’t assume that you can.”

Although that didn’t seem particularly fair, I wasn’t going to argue, especially right then.  Once I got them both into the room, we could negotiate, but first I had to get them into the room.

I laid back on the pillows, still in my jeans, and peeled off my socks.  I could feel my pulse in my painfully erect penis.  I was so excited, I was terrified.  What was I supposed to do?  Get naked?  Should I put my shirt back on?  A million thoughts went through my head during what seemed like an hour, but couldn’t have been more than a minute.

Marie came through the door, leading Jenn by her hand.  They were both giggling nervously.  Marie walked over to me and Jenn stopped.  She whispered in my ear.

“I started kissing her, then I put her hand on my pussy.  I didn’t have to say anything.”

Marie grabbed Jenn’s hand and pulled her towards the bed.  They climbed in with one on either side of me and started making out over me.

Marie was dressed in only the thin skirt and sweatshirt, Jenn had on a tee shirt and sweatpants that she’d brought with her to sleep in.  I didn’t know what she had on under them.  Marie pulled the shirt off, exposing Jen’s firm breasts that seemed to defy gravity, answering half of my question.    Marie pulled off her own sweatshirt, revealing her large boobs, yet to be greatly affected by gravity.  (Ah, the wonders of the 19 year-old body.)

Jenn had climbed over me, and they were full-on making out now.  Marie put her hand down Jenn’s sweatpants, and the quick glimpse I got when she lifted the waistband showed that she wasn’t wearing panties.  I didn’t do anything.  I just watched Marie’s hand wiggle beneath the sweatpants on Jen’s clit and, soon, Jenn began to move her hips slightly in response.  Marie’s skirt was now hiked up, exposing her bare pussy.  Having never done this before, he whole scene was a bit much for me to comprehend, and I looked on, rather dumbstruck.

I was knocked out of my trance by the feeling of a hand unfastening my jeans.  It was Jenn.  She unbuttoned the button and pulled down the zipper.  She reached inside the fly of my boxers and wrapped her thin fingers around my cock.  I almost came right there.  She was too distracted by Marie masturbating her to really do much.  She was lying there, her eyes shut, her lips parted, her hand down my pants.

The scene only lasted a second before removed her hand so she could pull of her sweatpants, leaving herself completely naked on the bed.  She had skin that had a slightly tan tint to it naturally, and her body looked good, especially when contrasted by Marie’s creamy pale freckled complexion.  She put her arms around Marie as Marie continued to work her clit.  Her breasts pushed up against Marie’s as she held her more tightly and her breathing became irregular.  Marie didn’t stop, and I knew that Jenn was about to cum.

“Uhhhhh,” grunted Jenn with a spasm of her whole body, she squeaked and writhed and convulsed for the next 20 second with Marie never taking her hand out of her crotch.

Jenn relaxed her grip on Marie and her whole body went limp.  She rolled onto her back next to me with a lazy smile on her face, looked up at me, touched my cock again and said slowly, “mmmm….poor you.”

Marie laughed and pushed me onto my back.  Jenn sat up, and helped Marie pull off my jeans, leaving me only in my boxer shorts.  Without wasting any time, Marie mounted my rock hard cock and started to fuck me while still wearing the skirt.  Jenn straddled me, her ass in my face, and started kissing Marie .  When Jenn started reciprocating Marie’s masturbatory favor, I could feel the pressure on my cock.  That was all I could take.  I grunted loudly and came in Marie’s pussy with several hard thrusts.  I relaxed on the bed, the girls still on top of me, and Jenn still rubbing Marie’s clit.

After I started to go soft, Marie dismounted me.  Jenn pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs.  Then, like a cat, she crawled between them.

I laid back and watched as Jen’s head settled into Marie’s lap.  God, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Jenn was licking Marie’s pussy which was full of my cum.  I’d never seen anyone do that before, or known anyone to do it, and I could feel myself starting to get hard again at the sight.  It would later become a regular fantasy of mine.

Marie got quiet and I knew that she was really into it all.  I quietly moved behind Jenn and started playing with her pussy.  My cock was hard and I wanted…no, needed, to satisfy the fantasy that I’d had for over a year, and fuck Jenn.

“Can I?” I asksed somewhat sheepishly, now positioned on my knees directly behind Jenn.

Jenn pulled her head out of Marie’s crotch and they said, almost in unison, “yes,”  Jenn continued, “yeah, do it,” and went back to licking Marie’s pussy.

I didn’t know if Jenn was on the pill or not, nor did I think Marie would be happy if I fucked Jenn unprotected, so I reached over into the nightstand and grabbed a foil packet.  It was one of  Lifestyles condoms we’d picked up at Planned Parenthood when Marie refilled her prescription for The Pill.  I tore it open with my teeth, pulled it over my cock as quickly as I could and positioned myself behind her.

With my left hand on her back for balance, I used my right hand to line up my penis with the entrance to her vagina.  I slid it in.  She was wet, but tight, feeling distinctively different than Marie.  Her pussy put more pressure on the top and head-end of my cock than did Marie’s, which was a good thing.  Marie’s pussy put the perfect amount of pressure on the bottom of the base, regardless of the position, which made it really hard to stave off orgasm.  And I was definitely already pretty close.

I slowly started to fuck Jen, in and out, with my hand on her hips.  I knew how this was going to come down.  I saw the look on Marie’s face which she got just before she came, and I could feel my own orgasm quickly building.  I grunted  as I started to cum again with my cock inside of Jenn and, several seconds later, Marie let out a soft high-pitched squeal pushed her pussy into Jen’s face.  My orgasm subsided as I watched the rest of Marie’s.

Jenn rested her head on Marie’s stomach and I stayed inside of Jenn.  The room was silent with the exception of our breathing and the air conditioner in the window, all of us relaxed but unsure of what to do next.

After a minute or two, I reached down, grabbed the base of the condom, and slowly withdrew from Jen, who got up on all fours and looked at Marie.  They giggled nervously, and I just shook my head.  We arranged ourselves in my bed, with me behind Jenn my arms around her, and Jenn cuddling Marie.  Later that night, while Marie was sleeping, Jenn would start rubbing her ass against my cock, and I would fuck her, this time without protection, while Marie slept.  But we never told Marie about that.

The following morning was rather awkward, but the next time we all were together everything seemed completely normal.  I don’t know if Marie and Jenn ever talked about it, but nothing was ever said to me and it never happened again.